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Coloring books just don't have enough pages for the little artist. With
Pirasta posters taped to floor or wall she can go cray-cray with crayons.


Dedicated to inspiring creativity in kids and adults I just love Pirasta, a Martha Stewart American Made finalist committed to making their giant posters and tear-out coloring sheets right here in the U.S.These amazingly intricate giant coloring posters have been snatched up by our readers by the dozens.


Coloring books are played out but Gigantic coloring posters with all-encompassing designs? Now we're talking. You can fill a whole month of weekends trying to fill in every last inch of these coloring posters.


Meal time can be stressful with daughters who are unwilling to try new things, we've used our Food Fight poster to point out fun vegetable characters. The poster itself is a big hit with my 5 year old daughters; even my husband gets into it finding its hidden treasures.
The size makes it an on-going activity that we can do together and we're not nearly done, at all!


The posters are a hit! We need more!


After visiting a good friend in South Dakota and seeing how her two baby girls had drawn all over the walls of their basement, my suggestions to her were not so exciting. I returned to the office after my trip and like magic Pirasta posters were pitched and It was exactly what I and my friend had been looking for! My mind was blown not only are they Intriguing, exciting, fun, and inviting, its wall saving!
I just love Pirasta products so much, a brilliant invitation to kids and adults, a product that takes adult coloring books to a whole new level. Thank you so much for coming out with it!


Why draw small when you can draw big? That’s what Pirasta is all about. Their gigantic coloring posters are meant for thinking big. Tape them to a wall with painter’s tape or unroll on the ground, and grab every marker/crayon/paint brush you have available. Choose from different themes and scenes -- we especially liked the Funny Farm animal one.


Hooray for Mira Trezza of Pirasta, whom I was so surprised and thrilled to see on the American Made finalist list! I recently had the pleasure of meeting her at the NY NOW gift show and she’s just as wonderful in person as her amazingly intricate giant coloring posters that our readers have snatched up by the dozen. (Hey, you all have great taste.) I just love her total dedication to inspiring creativity in kids — and adults — and her commitment to making her giant posters and tear-out coloring sheets right here in the U.S. For this kind of a product, it’s just so rare these days. And hey, that’s what this competition is all about.


I gave a Pirasta poster to my 6 year old for her birthday last week. It is for sure her favorite gift, the whole family agrees!


Offering Pirasta at Magpies has been such a joy for all the families that shop with us. Not only does it give them the chance to buy a U.S. made product from a small, creative maker, but the items themselves provide hours, even months of fun and colorful activities for all to enjoy.


I personally love working on our poster with my kids! Not only is it cathartic, it has the option to be group oriented. Thank you!


A great present for a family interested in spending quality time together. It encourages collaboration while allowing time to unwind, relax, and talk about its subjects. A unique way to spend time together, a way to get creative and COLOR!


Grandkids age 3-15 all coloring together! Asked each to color the states they live/lived in or have visited. Great conversations as they learn and share while coloring together.


Our two grandsons, 9 and 12, spent most of the Thanksgiving holiday engrossed in coloring their giant USA map and had a ball. They found a spot out of the way in the living room corner, put a tray under each boy's "state" for a good flat surface, colored, laughed, joked and called us all to come see as state by state came to life in bright colors. They quizzed us about capitals, parks, cultures and customs as they colored. IT would be great in a classroom for kids who finish assignments early...to color and learn all at once. This is a good leaerning tool AND a great change from Legos, robots and video games!


My niece loved this gift! She is seven and loves crafts and art and because this was just so big and had all the detailed drawings she was immediately attracted to it! My brother said she hasn't stopped working on it and it has been well over two weeks! Thank you!


Took us three days to complete and every one participated in the coloring, including grand parents, parents, and 6 grandchildren. We were especially surprised how much the Dad's got into it. Very addictive and a great family project.


The grown kids and the younger set are all enjoying adding color to New York! Good quality paper and crowded with New York life!


The poster was as advertised - heavy, quality paper that held up to markers (washable) as well as crayons. We hung it on a wall in our back hallway (using Command strips to protect the poster and the wall), put a container of markers on the floor beneath it, and invited our family to color when they felt like it. We had 14 people for 5 days during Thanksgiving, and it seems like someone - children and adults - was always standing or sitting on the floor and coloring. Kids from 5-14 and adults of all ages thoroughly enjoyed the activity - it was also an activity that allowed good conversation. Lots of talking while coloring. This was a great find! (BTW - we didn't complete the poster during this time. The kids suggested I bring it to the beach next summer so we can continue!)


Got one for the grandkids. My daughter put is aside for rainy day fun. Now the kids pray for rain!


My grandkids have so many toys and basic coloring books. This is something very different. They have it on the wall in the long hallway between their bedrooms, with their colored pencils and crayons on a small table underneath. They work on it with friends after school, with each other, or by themselves. It's been a big hit.


Cannot say enough about this poster. It was a gift for a seven year old and he loved it! More than that, he has his family joining him in the project as he gives direction. As a grandparent, I love when he says, "want to color with me?" We can spend an hour plus or chatting and coloring. The USA poster is educational, creative, and fun.