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About Us

Hi, we are Pirasta!
We believe fun and education come together through interaction and participation. We embrace exploration. We love art and design. And we love learning, too. Our goal is simple: We want to bridge these passions to create one big colorful world. We deliver the big picture and leave the color up to you. And we don’t care if you go outside the lines.

“Growing up, my parents would tape a large sheet of paper to the wall and my sister and I would spend hours drawing and coloring on it. When my son started drawing on the walls of our small NYC apartment, it seemed like a good idea to give him a way to pursue his heart’s desire without causing lasting damage. So, I did what my parents did but, because he was crazy about rocket ships, I drew him a space scene to color. That was when the idea for Pirasta was born."

Mira, Founder of Pirasta